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The advertising opportunities available through AD/MAX and Joyce Publishing include four popular direct mailed magazines and our online website offering printable online coupons.

As direct mail marketing consultants, we offer:

o Insight
o Direction
o Years of hands-on experience in direct mail marketing
From concept development through completion, we brainstorm with our clients to develop practical solutions to their unique direct mail marketing problems.
Our consulting services are FREE. Based on our conversations about your company's goals, services, target market and resources, we create direct mail marketing programs to meet your specific needs at a given point in time.
We work closely with your staff to ensure that we all understand your needs, goals and the details of your business.
Our online marketing consultants can offer you a unique opportunity to join a growing website that will display your coupons online in a printable format your customers are sure to enjoy.

Our goals:

o Produce results-economically and effectively
o Integrate direct mail marketing materials into your overall promotional programs
o Provide input for continual improvement
o Become your marketing partner

We at Joyce Publishing, Inc. look forward to earning your business!

Direct Mail and
Internet Advertising
Tallahassee Florida

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featured on our home page?
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Direct Mailed to Tallahassee
Residents Based on Income
and Age

Prices Include All Artwork,
Postage, Printing and Set-up
for Ads (Full Color)

Mailed the week of 1/15, 3/15, 5/15, 7/15, 9/15, 11/15 each year

Zoned Zip Code
Distribution Available

Student Survival Guide by
AD/MAX…Provides Information
& Discounts to Over 60,000
Students and Faculty.
Two issues (Spring/Summer
and Fall/Winter) cover the
whole year. Covers FSU, FAMU,
and TCC. Add your business
coupon today.
Prices Include All Artwork,
Postage, Printing and
Set-up for Ads

Also Placed on Racks at
Tallahassee Area hot spots

Local Direct Mail Magazine
for over 34 years!

Direct mail still offers one of the
most consistently effective forms
of advertising, and to
complement our direct mail
magazines, you can find the
same coupons on our website,
Connect directly with your
audience and bring your
coupons right to their
front door!

Dedicated to Tallahassee Home
Owners and Provides Targeted

Local Spotlight on New Business
Owners and Creative
Improvement Ideas

Direct Mailed to Most Upper
Income Residences

Prices Include All Artwork,
Postage and Set-up for Ads

Placed on Racks throughout
Big Bend Area
Add your business today.