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Advertisers know their message will be delivered by an agent of the U.S. Government. There’s no need to rely on inexperienced delivery personnel attempting to deliver your message on time and in good condition. The U.S. Mail is the preferred method of delivery for most national and regional advertisers.


Instead of mailing a solo piece through the post office, advertisers can save as much as 70% of the cost without compromising the objective of total area saturation.


AD/MAX circulation is certified by U.S. Postal receipts and assures advertisers of the amount of exposure their message is receiving.  Publications that offer their own method of distribution and (or) hire their own auditing firm cannot provide 100% assurance from an impartial source. Even newspapers can inflate their actual circulation numbers by adding unrealistic rack sales numbers, which cannot be verified without an audit.


Consumers enjoy the convenience of simply reaching into their mailbox for savings.  They don’t have to subscribe, pay a fee, or use their costly ink to print coupons.  That’s part of what makes AD/MAX direct mail popular.

Shelf Life

Most customers see a shelf life of up to ten weeks on their ads compared to thirty seconds or one day like many other media. When looking for ROI (return on investment), there is only one company in Tallahassee that guarantees results.

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AD/MAX Production Schedule

Mail Date Week ofArt Due Week ofExpiration Date
Jan 20Jan 08Apr 15
Mar 05Feb 19May 20
Apr 15Apr 01Jul 05
May 20May 06Aug 05
Jul 05Jun 17Sep 10
Aug 05Jul 22Oct 15
Sep 10Aug 26Nov 20
Oct 15Sep 30Jan 20
Nov 20Nov 04Mar 05

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